Lindsey Dier ’14 , an English and film & media studies double major, interned as a production assistant at Hybrid Films, a documentary production company based in New York City. Hybrid is best known for its series Dog the Bounty Hunter.

At Hybrid, she transcribed video tapes fresh from the shoot.

“It was my job to find the clips with dialogue in them,” she says. “I then had to write down every word that was uttered during the clips…The bulk of the dialogue was sent to the editors so that they could begin preparing the episodes.”

“Film wise, my job was invaluable because it gave me a window into the production world both professionally and technically. Professionally, I got to witness how actual television shows were shot, processed, and produced. I observed all of the people and coordination that it takes to make one show successful as well as all of the complications that could arise. I received a crash course on editing software and production equipment. Not to mention my increased typing speed! I can now type at an average of 120 words per minute!”

Above all, Lindsey’s coworkers made her experience memorable.

“It sounds corny, but the people were really what made my summer job special. As a group, Hybrid employs some of the wittiest people outside of a writers’ room. Despite my grueling 6 p.m.-2 a.m. schedule, I was always happy and excited to go to work because I knew that I would be able to chat with my co-workers. They were truly great people with even better taste… While most of my friends were complaining about their summer jobs, I was telling them about how my boss was burning me CDs and treating me to gelato. One of my co-workers even invited me to the miniature film festival that he was throwing all summer in his backyard. When I left in September, I left to an onslaught of hugs and threats about returning. I do not think that I was lying when I told them that I would be back someday.”

After graduation, Lindsey plans on writing and directing films, hoping to eventually create her own television program.

“But, if no magic genie appears and grants me my heart’s desire,” she says, “I still see myself working somewhere in the entertainment industry!”

Ben Greenwald ’12 was a film & media studies and mathematics/economics double major when he interned at the post-production facility Post Factory NY in New York City.

“Essentially, my company specialized in renting out equipment, space, and editing software to independent filmmakers,” said Ben. “Some of the films Post Factory has recently contributed to include True Grit, Limitless, and Adventureland. Some of the television shows they’ve taken part in are Cash Cab, Say Yes To The Dress, and House Hunters International.”

Ben spent his summer working directly with Post Factory’s clients, ensuring they were comfortable and well equipped.

“Due to the rapid turnover of clients (including directors, producers, actors, and editors), I had the opportunity to meet several different people in the industry,” he says. “The clients were all very interesting to talk to, and they offered a wide range of opinions about the film and television industries. I even got to meet a famous actor or two!”