FAMS Showcase 2018 Awards

AWARDS – Judged by the Film and Media Studies Faculty

Tier 1 (MM1, DOC 150)
Best in Show–“Not Like You,” Andrea Bonilla, Yannick Gbadouwey, Shreya Nebhwani
Honorable Mention–“A World of Gray,” Kenzie Corbin, Luke Madronal, Laura Pezzulich

Tier 2 (MM2, Spectre of Race, Death on Screen)
Best in Show–“B(LACK) GIRL,” Mikai Johnson

Tier 3 (MM3, Capstone)
Best in Show–“RaĆ­ses,” Adrianna Valentin
Honorable Mention–“HYBRID MOMENTS//PUSH ME TO THE EDGE,” Kacie Paganelli
Honorable Mention–“Cleo,” Shreya Nebhwani

Best FAMS Thesis Prize
“Eve After,” Sean Cavanagh
“Automatons, Trolls, and Cyborgs: Computational Propaganda on Twitter During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election,” Frankie Illuzzi.

Teresita Galarce Crain
Awarded to the senior FAMS major who has strengthened the FAMS community by making consistent and extraordinary efforts to put collaboration, generosity and ethical practice at the heart of our collective work.